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Does anyone know any good chart api for a web application in java? This question might be asked earlier. What I am looking for , where I can offer different chart options to user for reports and then they can use any chart they want?

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it's good, but not free and uses Flash.


is free.

Google Charts API

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The google charts API is quite good (more info here.) Also JFreeChart if you'd rather do it on your server.

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I think the Google API looks great, but what about SSL warnings? If my users are running SSL against my servers, then fetching an image from http(s)://chart.apis.google.com... will generate an SSL warning, which looks unprofessional.

Is there any way to come around that? One way I could imagine would be to fetch the image serverside, and the stream it out to the browser. The browser would have an image tag like:

<img src="myownserver.com/chart?somedescriptive=parameters.../>

And when getting this request on my server I would generate a call to Googles API, get the image, and then stream it out, as if was my own file.

But are there any other way to avoid SSL warnings?

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