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First, excuse my english, I am french.

1- Hi, I would like to develop an app doing pedestrian rally in a specific city, displaying photos and question to user.

2- I would like to buy 15 Ipod touch under my name, and rent them for corporate activity.

3- I read that ad hoc distribution is good only for testing and/or for only employees of my company (and I am alone in my company).

4- When you buy an app from the app store, the term and agreement says something like "no renting, no lend, ect"

5- Finally, if I buy 15 ipod under my company name, and I buy 15 copies of my own application from the app store, and I do corporate activity with them (of course I will charge the customer for my service), is it legal in the apple law ?

Thank's in advance for your help

Note : if your not fully aware of this subject, please do not answer, I'm already enough confused. Also in the case that you know the answer, refer me with a link to the proper terms and conditions text.


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You do realize that the iPod Touch doesn't have a GPS, right? –  Paul Tomblin Aug 16 '10 at 19:18
This is not a programming question, but more of one about Apple's terms and conditions on its products. You will probably have better luck asking at Apple's developer forums at devforums.apple.com –  Brad Larson Aug 16 '10 at 21:37
- I know that Itouch doesn't have GPS. - to use the devforums.apple.com, unless i'm wrong, you have to be a member, and I'm not. Thank's for your comment –  user261874 Aug 16 '10 at 23:43

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You know that developer agreement you signed? Well, read it.

  1. Not a question.
  2. Not a question.
  3. Where did you read this? Ad Hoc distribution is good for up to 100 devices. It is also distribution (not development), suggesting that it allows you to distribute your app to people. I believe it's intended to allow you to distribute to testers/reviewers/etc who may not be employees.
  4. When you buy an app, or when you sell an app? There's a big difference. Which section of which agreement? I'm not going to read through the 90-page iTunes Store agreement to find out, but I think it probably refers to the fact that end users expect to own apps, not rent them (i.e. you should not make users pay every month just to keep using your app). If your app is not being sold to end users (and you're not selling the app; you're selling the service), it probably doesn't apply to you.
    • You only need to buy one copy. In fact, it's not possible to buy more than one copy per iTunes account.
    • I would stick to Ad Hoc distribution, or just you could just use Development builds.
    • There is no such thing as "Apple Law" since Apple is not a jurisdiction.
    • Apple is unlikely to care.

I am not a lawyer.

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Basically, what I want to do is to develop a rally app.

I want to know if it is legal to have 15 Ipodtouch to do corporate activity (to do money) with them.

According to the "iPhone Developer Program License Agreement", Ad hod distribution is only for tester reviewwer, see the bold text

7.2 Distribution on Registered Devices (Ad Hoc Distribution) Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, You may also distribute Your Applications to individuals within Your company, organization, educational institution, group, or who are otherwise affiliated with You for use solely on a limited number of Registered Devices (as specified on the Program web portal), if Your Application has been digitally signed using Your Apple-issued digital certificate as described in this Agreement. By distributing Your Application in this manner, You represent and warrant to Apple that Your Application complies with the Documentation and Program Requirements then in effect and You agree to cooperate with Apple and to answer questions and provide information about Your Application, as reasonably requested by Apple.

So basically, it this causing a problem to Steve job, if I put my app in the app store, and download it 15 times on 15 registered Ipod Touch, and I will earn my life by presenting business activity ?


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