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I have the following dictionary:

{0: {'Shortname': 'cabling', 'Name': 'CAT5 Cabling', 'MSRP': '$45.00'}, 1: {'Shortname': 'antenna', 'Name': 'Radio Antenna', 'MSRP': '$35.00'}}

And using Cheetah, the following section of template:

#for $item in $items
#end for

When I run the code, I get this error:

<class 'Cheetah.NameMapper.NotFound'>: cannot find 'Name'
      args = ("cannot find 'Name'",)
      message = "cannot find 'Name'" 

In the template, line 1, in the #for declaration, I have tried separating out the key value, such as:

#for $key, $value in $items

However, I still cannot iterate over the values to get the necessary information.

Am I doing something blatantly wrong?

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First off, I had problems using items as the variable name in Cheetah. Might be a reserved word or something. Something less generic might be better to use.

Secondly, since you use an outer dict with an integer as key, $item will be that integer. Which means you look for Name in an integer. So in your case with a dict like that, you might do (with a different name of the dict too):

#for $item in $products
#end for

A list like this would work with your template.

products = [{'Name':'prod1', ...}, {'Name': 'prod2', ...}]
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That worked flawlessly! Thank you very much. I tried using an iterator with range (for $i in range(1, amountOfProducts), but that didn't seem to work either. Very tricky. In any case, you fixed it! Thank you so much for your help. –  Eamon Aug 16 '10 at 21:41

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