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My textarea contains C# code, so i get red underlines all over the place, is there any way to disable auto correction on a TEXTAREA in html code?


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I believe you may be looking for <textarea spellcheck="false"></textarea>


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thanks, is there a way to add this to my css file? it works if i place it in my html code, but using it with css doesn't seem to work TEXTAREA.code { spellcheck:false; } <textarea class="code"> </textarea> – aryaxt Aug 16 '10 at 20:02
This is an HTML5 attribute so can't be handled in a CSS file. It needs to be part of the textarea markup itself. :-) – hollsk Aug 16 '10 at 20:07

There are two more attributes other than spellcheck="false" for iOS (probably Android too) that you might need to add to your text inputs to avoid OS interferer with text content:

  • autocorrect="off" for avoiding to complete or suggest a word
  • autocapitalize="off" for avoiding OS transforming book to Book
  • spellcheck="false" for avoiding OS from highlighting spell errors

enter image description here

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Try adding the following code to your textarea:


Note that this will make your code invalid so you might want to inject it with javascript or something after the DOM has loaded if it's important to you.

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