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I am rendering the top-level elements of a Zend Navigation object in one place like this:

echo $this->navigation()->menu()->setMaxDepth(0);

How do I render the navigation tree from the second level on down for the active branch? I've tried creating a partial that loops the $this->container object, but I don't know how to determine if my current item is the active branch. Once I've determined that it's the active branch how do I render the menu? Am I doing this the hard way and missing something obvious?



I accepted a solution because that's what I used, but I also would like to provide the answer to my actual question, for reference sake. ($this is the view object)

// Find the active branch, at a depth of one
$branch = $this->navigation()->findActive($this->nav, 1, 1);
if (0 == count($branch)) {
    // no active branch, find the default branch
    $pages = $this->nav->findById('default-branch')->getPages();
} else {
    $pages = $branch['page']->getPages();
$this->subNav = new Zend_Navigation($pages);

$this->subNav can then be used to render the sub-menu.

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where the index 'pages' in $branch['pages'] comes from? – Sejanus Apr 1 '11 at 14:57

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I do something similar. My main navigation is handled with something like this...

echo $this->navigation()->menu()->render();

Then in my tabs.phtml I iterate over the container like so...

if (count($this->container)) {
  foreach($this->container as $page) {
    if ($page->isVisible()) {
      if ($page->isActive(true)) {
        $subcontainer = $page->getPages();
        foreach($subcontainer as $subpage) {
          // echo my link

I hope that helps a bit.

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The key I was missing is the true value for the isActive() function. It makes the function recursive. – Sonny Aug 20 '10 at 15:53
@Sonny, Always something simple, isn't it?! – allnightgrocery Aug 20 '10 at 16:28

If I got your question right, this is how I do it:

print $this->navigation()->menu()->renderMenu(null, array(
    'minDepth' => 1,
    'maxDepth' => 1,
    'onlyActiveBranch' => true,
    'renderParents' => false));

Renders only the submenu of currently active menu.

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That does indeed render the submenu of the active menu, but I wanted to always render from the second level down. – Sonny Apr 4 '11 at 13:22

I do it this way:


// Render top-level elements
echo $this->navigation()->menu()->setMaxDepth(0);

// Render 2nd level elements for active element
echo $this->navigation()->menu()


but this is not a good solution. Better one for each level as a separate menu:

<!-- level 1 -->
<?php echo $this->navigation()->menu()->setMaxDepth(0); ?>

<!-- level 2 -->
<?php echo $this->navigation()->menu()->setOnlyActiveBranch(true)->setRenderParents(true)->setMinDepth(1)->setMaxDepth(1); ?>

<!-- level 3 -->
<?php echo $this->navigation()->menu()->setOnlyActiveBranch(true)->setRenderParents(false)->setMinDepth(2)->setMaxDepth(2); ?>
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What happens if you're on a page that is in the third level? – Sonny Dec 19 '11 at 14:06
Check this, I needed a 3-level menu, but with each level separate. So what i did is: ` <!-- level 1 --> <?php echo $this->navigation()->menu()->setMaxDepth(0); ?> <!-- level 2 --> <?php echo $this->navigation()->menu()->setOnlyActiveBranch(true)->setRenderParents(true)->‌​setMinDepth(1)->setMaxDepth(1); ?> <!-- level 3 --> <?php echo $this->navigation()->menu()->setOnlyActiveBranch(true)->setRenderParents(false)-‌​>setMinDepth(2)->setMaxDepth(2); ?> ` I'm currently testing this, it seems to work fine, even on level 3 active. – Thomas Szteliga Dec 26 '11 at 6:46

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