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I am using vb.net v4

I have a serialize function:

    Public Function ListToXML(ByVal pObj As List(Of dcEventEngine.Event)) As String  
            Dim xmlSerializer As New XmlSerializer(GetType(List(Of dcEventEngine.Event)))  
            Dim strWriter As New StringWriter  
            xmlSerializer.Serialize(strWriter, pObj)  
            Return strWriter.ToString   
    End Function 

pObj is a list of events (this is a calendar application). The [Event] class contains 20 some properties.

If I pass in my List of Events and I have under 200 events then I pass through this function just fine. If I pass in my List of Events and I have over 200 events then I get an error on the following line: xmlSerializer.Serialize(strWriter, pObj) The error is "There aw an error generating the XML document".

It would seem to me that the .Serialize would handle a great deal of data so I figure I am doing something wrong.... I just don't know what it would be.

I would be grateful for any assistance. Thanks Shawn

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I wonder if the issue might be a limitation with StringWriter instead of XmlSerializer. You might try using XmlWriter to see if still breaks with XmlWriter instead of StringWriter. See [this answer](http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3356976/how-to-serialize-deserialize-‌​simple-classes-to-xml-and-back/3356993#3356993) for an example of how to use XmlWriter` with serialization. –  Ben McCormack Aug 17 '10 at 13:51
Thanks for the suggestion, however, I get the error InvalidOperationException was unhandled. There was an error generating the XML document. –  user2904235 Aug 17 '10 at 15:15
I found the problem! When looking at the inner exception it told me that I had an an property in my object that I was serializing where the enum value didn't exist. So the problem was with the developer, not the StringWriter. InnerException is what you want to look at when you get an error in the XMLSerializer, not the message. –  user2904235 Aug 17 '10 at 15:42
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