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I want to using gpg in windows batch scripts and i've got little problem. Now I'm using gpgee with nice GUI. I want to use gpg with command line interface.

Gpg script should sign and encyrpt text files, so i try this

gpg -u login -ser key_owner datafile

but, when i try to compare file from this command and gpgee, there are difference, the gpgee file has size is two times larger.

Does anyone know the equivalent gpg options?

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I found the reason. The GPGee has option "--encrypt_to_self" and it is enabled by default. So if someone would like to do this from command line should write something like this

gpg -e user_to_encrypt --encrypt-to your_user filename
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gpg always encrypts and also compresses the files. So, any file encrypted with gpg will have a smaller size than the original file. Is GPGee doing any post encryption processing on the file?

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No it doesnt make any post encryption processing. –  dabal Nov 20 '10 at 4:59

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