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I am writing a web application that will serve as a configuration for a random data generator that I have written in Java. The values that I set in this application will write to xml. The xml data is updated by a file called and that file is added to each child in the "viewStack" so that when I change any of those values the simulationConfig file will be automatically updated. The problem is that when I press the randomizeBtn the proper events are fired and the listeners grab those events. My problem exists when I uncheck the randomize button. For some reason an event is triggered or the listener isnt listening so that when I uncheck randomizeBtn the values go back to their last position or value on the slider. Ex. if my initial value is 0 then press randomize the slider will go to 100. The config file updates and all is well. When I uncheck the randomizeBtn, the sliders value goes back 0 but the config file isnt update. The same thing happens when I press the useDefaultBtn for both selected/unselected, nothing gets updated.


I have included a test application to help show my problem: (run this)

The functions in question are:

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I solved the problem. The problem is that the event listener I had SliderEvent didn't listen for the other type of event that was dispatched when I pressed the randomize or default button which is a FlexEvent.VALUE_COMMMIT; The fix for this add a second listener to my HSlider's then change the setSliderValue methods from protected function mockSetFn(event:SliderEvent) to protected function mockSetFn(event:Event) to handle all events. The easy things awlays trip me up.

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I quite confuse on this comment. Would you mind showing the code rather than a hint? – Proyb2 Nov 22 '10 at 3:02

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