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Is there a way in sql server 2005 to query for enabled and disabled accounts? basically I wanted to see the current state of user accounts. I mean the accounts affected by command below. ALTER LOGIN someuser ENABLED|DISABLE

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select * from sys.sql_logins gives you the information you're after. Take a look @ the is_disabled column.

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...edited to move from old-style to new-style catalog tables. sys.server_principals may be more appropriate if you want NT logins included as well. –  Will A Aug 16 '10 at 22:16
In 2008R2 (and likely anything above), sys.sql_logins will only return SQL Server logins and not AD Users/Groups. There is currently no disclaimer that sys.server_principals is going to be deprecated. –  Gizmo Mar 23 at 20:20

You're "not supposed" to query the sys tables directly. sp_helpuser, sp_MShasdbaccess can be used as an alternative.

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Really? I thought that was what they were there for. Well, that, and supporting MSSQL in it's day-to-day running of course. :) –  Will A Aug 16 '10 at 22:29

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