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I am writing an application which opens USB devices and transfer some data. I am following the UsbSimpleNotificationExample from the Developer Examples. The example adds notifications and assigns callbacks for a unique Vendor ID and Product ID. But for my application I have multiple PIDs and a single VIDs. How can I add a dictionary entry with single Vid and more than one PIDs? If I use CFDictionarySetValue with 2 PIDs, the 2nd Pid call overwrites the first dictionary value. I am not able to match IOServiceAddMatchingNotification callbacks properly due to this. What are the other options I can try?

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Why don't you try only adding the vendor ID?

Then your matches should include all the product IDs.

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This is correct. Broaden your search and iterate through the results. – Azeem.Butt Oct 19 '09 at 0:53

6 years late...sorry.

Here's how you do it:

CFMutableDictionaryRef  matchingDict = IOServiceMatching ( kIOUSBDeviceClassName );
if ( matchingDict )
    UInt32        usbVendor = k_MyVendorID;
    CFNumberRef   refVendorId = CFNumberCreate ( kCFAllocatorDefault, kCFNumberIntType, &usbVendor );
    CFDictionarySetValue ( matchingDict, CFSTR ( kUSBVendorID ), refVendorId );
    CFRelease ( refVendorID );
    CFDictionarySetValue ( matchingDict, CFSTR ( kUSBProductID ), CFSTR ( "*" ) );   // This is a wildcard, so we find any device.

Note the wildcard.

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For kUSBVendorID and kUSBProductID, #include <IOKit/usb/USB.h> – Jerry Krinock Jan 28 at 19:02

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