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I've been using Linux for a long time, but have only recently 'upgraded' to a full GUI desktop since using it command-line-only for the last three or four years. I used to use 'aterm' before then (with fluxbox, and other old-school things) but I see now that gnome-terminal is pretty usable in Ubuntu's Gnome.

However, there's one thing that really gets me - when you select something and then right click, it doesn't extend the selection, instead it brings up a pop-up menu.

I've been using terminals and emacs for years and right-click has always extended a selection - so there must be some way to configure gnome-terminal to do this. This is a habit I'm not going to be able to grow out of because I use it all the time in emacs.

Does anyone have the magic recipe to restore the behaviour I'm after please?

Alternatively, what's a good and modern alternative to gnome-terminal?

I'm using Ubuntu 10.04.

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I guess you're looking for the same behavior as Shift + LeftMouse button (extends selection)? –  Bruce van der Kooij Aug 19 '10 at 17:40
Here's an old (2002) bug report where this is "discussed": bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=93674 (my guess is that if you want this you'll have to patch GNOME Terminal yourself). –  Bruce van der Kooij Aug 19 '10 at 17:53
Shift + LeftMouse extends the selection, but it's horribly broken - try it and you'll see that the 'extra' selection doesn't get copied on paste (either middle-click or copy/paste). No good at all. I've decided to drop gnome-terminal completely and I'm now enjoying rxvt-unicode, which has much saner selection behaviour. –  meowsqueak Aug 20 '10 at 4:38
You're absolutely right, it is indeed horribly broken... –  Bruce van der Kooij Aug 21 '10 at 9:01
Looks like that Shift+LeftMouse selection extension problem is fixed in at least gnome-terminal (Ubuntu 12.04.1). –  meowsqueak Sep 12 '12 at 0:15

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Try program called terminator.

sudo apt-get install terminator                        
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As @bruce-van-der-kooij rightly pointed out, the answer is to Shift+LeftMouseClick, which extends the selection.

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