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I get an error message that is annoying me for a long time and could not fix it. I am writing a code in VBA Excel. Suddenly I got the following message: Excel found unreadable content in [workbook name]. then it asks me do you want to recover the content? Please help me to solve this, Thanks,

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The following article by Microsoft addresses this issue. They list the possible causes as:

-The workbook contains a PivotTable that uses key performance indicators (KPIs). -The KPIs are created in the Analysis Services Business Intelligence Development Studio. -One or more of the KPIs have an expression in the Current Time Member property.

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thanks Michael. I am not using a pivot table though. I noticed this issue exists when I add new ranges to the spreadsheet. for example if i name a range B2:B7 as anything, the error message appears and when i remove this range < the error message is gone. I still don't know why –  guest Aug 25 '10 at 6:31

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