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I've tried the code to avoid the sleep mode interruption. It's working, but now I have a problem with interruptions when a call or sms is coming in to the iPhone. The song in my music application is stopped at that time. I want to automatically resume the song where it was stopped once the call is over.

- (void) audioPlayerBeginInterruption: (AVAudioPlayer *) player {

if (playing) {

    playing = NO;

    interruptedOnPlayback = YES;

    [self updateViewForPlayerState];



- (void) audioPlayerEndInterruption: (AVAudioPlayer *) player {

if (interruptedOnPlayback) {

    [player prepareToPlay];

    [player play];

    playing = YES;

    interruptedOnPlayback = NO;



But it doesn't work. Please help me here, thanks in advance.

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