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Instead of removing duplicate words using regular expression, how do I duplicate a word? My case: I have a list of emails that need to be turn to SQL queries.



mysql -e "select * from users where email='buddy@gmail.com" > /tmp/buddy@gmail.com.xls
mysql -e "select * from users where email='melinda@yahoo.co.uk" > /tmp/melinda@yahoo.co.uk.xls
mysql -e "select * from users where email='terrence12@gmail.com" > /tmp/terrence12@gmail.com.xls

So how do I duplicate the email in every line?

Note: Each of this query will return more than one row, that's why I'm doing each query individually.

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Find Pattern:


Replace Pattern:

mysql \-e "select \* from users where email='$1" \> /tmp/$1\.xls\r\n

How it works: (.+): captures a line till its end (before newline character) $1: is the captured group

Note: '-' and '*' are escaped.

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s/(.*)/mysql -e "select * from users where email='\1' > /tmp/\1.xls/
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+1 yummy Perl/sed.... –  Byron Whitlock Aug 17 '10 at 6:33
can you please example how \1 will substitute email address? –  Ayaz Alavi Aug 17 '10 at 6:36

You don't need a regex


for each line
  set email = line // line should be trimmed of newlines
  append 'mysql -e "select * from users where email=\'$email\' > /tmp/$email.xls"' to filename
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