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Sorry guys, I hate asking dumb questions but I have seriously been searching for days online to no avail. Every method I've tried with item.bounds or the like has failed miserably. I'm just trying to move some elements, like a UILabel and a UIButton over a few pixels under a certain circumstance. Just a simple point to a tutorial that I missed would be so helpful.

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Generally frame is what you want. It is specified in terms of parent view coordinates. So if my view's frame is CGRectMake(10.f,20.f,50.f,60.f) it appears in the parent's coordinates at x=10 y=20 with width 50 and height 60.

UIView* someView ...

CGRect someViewFrame = someView.frame;
someView.frame.origin.y += 10;
someView.frame = someViewFrame;

moves the view down by 10 pixels.

If you just want to move the view in a superview, leave bounds alone.

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This example should be useful.

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