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So I have got my Maven build deploying both Java5 and Java6 versions to my snapshot repo (Nexus). I do this with build profiles and classifiers. All is good in the Maven side of things.

However, if I try to resolve the Java5 dependency from my IVY based project it will not work if the most recent Maven deploy was for the Java6 profile/classifier. I guess this is because the timestamp in maven-metadata.xml picks out the Java6 version. It does work if the most recent deploy was for Java5.

This is the resolver:

<ibiblio name="snapshot-repo-name"

Deploying Java6 of the dependency therefore breaks the build of IVY-built application.

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The work-around is to mark the Maven snapshot as non-unique versions in the <distributionManagement/> element. That is, there are no longer timestamped versions in the Maven snapshot repository.

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<uniqueVersion>false</uniqueVersion> is not working with maven 3 – Jan Galinski May 18 '13 at 20:54

Is it the resolution that is failing or the retrieve? (Retrieve does an implicit resolve).

My build once failed because the following pattern wasn't unique (Needed a classifier in the name pattern to cater for source and javadoc artifacts):

<ivy:retrieve pattern="lib/[artifact].[ext]"/>
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It's the resolution. – Paul McKenzie Aug 18 '10 at 7:13

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