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I have a site developed in Microsoft Office SharePoint server 2007 and I have installed Microsoft office 2010 on my machine. When I try to access excel file stored in document library. It gives me an error saying that it requires a Windows SharePoint Services compatible application.

It was working fine when I have Microsoft office 2007. So I am confused whether SharePoint is compatible with office 2010 or not...?



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Yes it is compatible and it should work. A number of things could be going on.

  • The OWSSUPP.DLL may not be registered correctly. You could register it manually or reinstall

  • If you have the 64 bit version of office there are some known issues opening data in SharePoint.

  • Windows SharePoint Services Support files may not be installed.
    in this case install these through Add/Remove programs. It's in the office tools section of the MS Office application.

  • If you have some applications that were part of Office 2003 or earlier you may need to uninstall them.

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