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i have a domain for example : example.com and i have sub-domain : sub.example.com

the users on the site is sharing the same session & cookies, but how can i remove cookies from both the domains ?

for now i delete from one domain and when the goes the the sub-domain he is logged in again ..

much thanks. shlomi

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You can delete a cookie by setting it's expiration date to a datetime that has already been passed. You can do the same for a subdomain.

HttpCookie appCookie = new HttpCookie("AppCookie");
appCookie.Value = "written " + DateTime.Now.ToString();
appCookie.Expires = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-1);
appCookie.Path = "/PathToSubDomain";

To clarify, the path is the path relative to the main domain. You "sub" should be a folder inside the main domain. sub.example.com is in fact something like exampleRoot/sub/ so this is the Path you put to your cookie and you set the datetime to an old datetime to remove the cookie from this subdomain.

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