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I'm trying to do the following: Take a GPS reading (lat/long) and a compass reading and place a second point on a map 100 meters from the GPS reading in the compass direction.

(using Google Maps)

How could this be accomplished? Ideas? :)

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What operating system? –  Rowland Shaw Aug 24 '10 at 12:34

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When you say in the compass direction, do you mean north/south? It is fairly easy to plot a circle that is 100m in diameter on a map. To draw a line in, point 100m from the current location in a direction is simple trigonometry.

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you location see import com.google.android.maps.MyLocationOverlay;

MyLocationOverlay myLoc = new MyLocationOverlay(this, mapView);

but you can create yourself location ... using services ....

i hope it can help you

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