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I have a site where users can broadcast their own live streams. They are provided with a URL to push their stream to over RTMP. Viewers have an embedded flash player to watch each stream.

I need to be able to determine whether a particular stream is broadcasting. It doesn't need to do any analysis, simply to check that there's an actual stream at the RTMP URL.

It seems that VLC doesn't support RMTP. I've tried ffmpeg but not managed to solve the problem yet.

Server is running Ubuntu.

Bonus: How can I update the database based on the results of this stream test?

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so you want to "checK" from the receiving client-side to see if such and such a stream is "currently broadcasting"? –  rogerdpack Aug 17 '10 at 15:42
That's correct - The server checks an RTMP URL to see that a stream is active there, or whether there is the equivilent of a HTTP 404 error. –  Moyersy Aug 19 '10 at 13:29

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