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I'm showing a line of text using a typewriter effect [].

I want to:
1) Delay 3 seconds
2) Show typewriter text
3) Delay 4 seconds
4) Fade out

But step 1 doesn't happen with this code: $('blockquote').delay(3000).jTypeWriter({duration:1}).delay(4000).fadeOut();

Why does delay() not work at the beginning?

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delay() only works within an animation queue - so yes, an animation needs to be called before it will work as you expect.

setTimeout() is probably the way to go:

var t = window.setTimeout(function(){
}, 3000);
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Your second example would work, but not the first. Adding an .animate() to the beginning of the queue doesn't change the fact that .jTypeWriter() isn't part of the animation queue. It will execute immediately. – user113716 Aug 17 '10 at 12:37
Thanks, edited appropriately :) – John McCollum Aug 17 '10 at 12:53

To use .delay(), you would need to add the jTypeWriter() to the animation queue. You can use jQuery's .queue() method for this:

               .queue(function( n ){ $(this).jTypeWriter({duration:1}); n(); })

Calling the n() parameter in the .queue() is used to allow the next element in the queue to continue.

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timeOut = setTimeout(function(){

It should be working but it is untested code.

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