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I'm mostly a Rails developer but sometimes, I have to code in PHP. Because stackoverflow.com prefers questions that can be answered, I'd like to have a idea which one of the two is closest to PHP?

Sometimes, I'm under the impression that CakePHP is a outdated copy of Rails that wants to look like Ruby but fails at it and thus leaving the best of PHP behind.

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there are loads of questions dealing with the php framework issue. for example:

I don't think this question will bring anything new to light. besides I think the framework of choice is more and more Zend Framework (IMHO).

How would you define closeness?

All frameworks are written in 100% PHP, non of them could be any closer to PHP. They are PHP.

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I like symfony because it doesn't have PHP4 compatibility as a business goal. This lets the framework ditch some of the cruft and limitations of PHP4 and leverages the much stronger OOP in PHP5.

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Have you noticed that the Symfony code base does not use the new PHP5/OOP Interface construct whatsoever (at least last I checked, late last year)? How can you construct proper, "program to the interface", OO software, without using interfaces? –  George Jempty Dec 8 '08 at 17:47
Yes, I noticed that. I don't think it weakens my point, though. Static methods, private data members, get/set hooks, not having to use the awful reference operator, etc - working with 5 is just better. Yes, I would like it if they used interfaces, but it's not a bad product for the lack of them. –  Peter Bailey Dec 8 '08 at 17:55
@George In a dynamically typed language, you don't need static interfaces to "program by contract". –  troelskn Dec 8 '08 at 20:20

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