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I am planning to use Bing Map for a store locator system. I will be using Bing Map Silverlight control for this in an ASP.NET website. The website has a 3 tier architecure.

Could you please tell me where I can find some architecture diagrams that explains the bing silverlight control in a web based system (with ASP.NET)

Note: The store locator application must be able to collect store's cordinate values from database and show it in the graph - as expected in a store locator system.

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I have written an Article in my Forum, I use Silverlight to Display the Store locations on the Map. I have a mark on each store on the map. you can view it here How to use Telerik’s Map Control in Silverlight 4

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All the Bing Maps for SL control is a Silverlight-based control that is hosted within a webpage, i.e. in your case an .aspx page.

Generally these architectures follow something like this:

PC Client (Silverlight running) -- Web Service (on web server) -- ASP.NET Page (on web server) -- Database (on database server)

This is a physical diagram. I did not include the logical diagram which would include your client model and server model of your entities, DAL, BLL, etc.

Hope this helps.

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