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What are your feelings on JavaFX?

Hi folks,

I'm learning Java at the moment, would say I'm at intermediate level at the moment. I came across JavaFX so checked out the website. Well, it looks awesome! but I'd like to know what other people think. Maybe also a few tips on getting started?

Cheers, Jonesy

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I think Oracle should work on implementing JavaFX on Android instead of suing Google over patents.

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I looked at it once but it seemed a little too fad-ish. I asked a related question about declarative GUI programming in the java world.

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There is some kind of interest in JavaFX's main proposal of a declarative (but non XML-ish) GUI. Aside that, the tendancy of the language to mimc ActionScript puzzles me a little. However, as it is an element of the java-sphere, it is perfectly possible to

Notice it is even possible to mix Java/JavaFX code with others scripting languages, but it then becomes an improbable mess.

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