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I want have a single database that uses InnoDB tables instead of myISAM tables (myISAM gives me good performance generally so I don't want to stop using it altogether).

Is it possible to specify that a database use InnoDB tables if the default is myISAM.

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The short answer is yes:

ALTER TABLE `my_table` Engine=InnoDB charset=utf8 collate=utf8_bin;
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+1: Although altering auto_increment on non-empty table might not be the best idea. – Mchl Aug 17 '10 at 13:09
Yes, you are right. Fixed! :) Also, a poor choice in the charset will also lead to trouble, but that is heavily dependent on the stored data. – the_void Aug 17 '10 at 13:25

You can always specify the engine type you want to use during table creation.

CREATE TABLE customers (a INT, b CHAR (20)) ENGINE=InnoDB;
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There is no way to specify a storage engine for a certain database, only for single tables, as others have pointed out. You can, however, specify a storage engine to be used during one session with

SET storage_engine=InnoDB;

so you don't have to specify it for each table.

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If you use phpmyadmin, it's easy to specify what engine to use. I think this is done on a table by table basis. If you want the whole database to be InnoDB, just change that option for each table in the interface.

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You can specify the database engine for the tables in the database. You can even have InnoDB and MyISAM engines for different tables within the same database.

I dont think you can specify the engine at the database level.

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