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What's the preferred UJS replacement for the Rails RJS helper ':with' parameter on a link_to_remote when upgrading to Rails 3 (using the new unobtrusive link_to... :remote => true syntax).

eg. Replacement for:

link_to_remote "Ajax Call", example_path(@thing), :with => "'foo=' + $('field').val()"

Specifically, I'm looking into a link that sends a put request using ajax with the value of a select option to update some other field in a form.

What's the nicest unobtrusive way to do this?

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I've found this thread but I resolved it in another way. If you already have a link with data-remote => true you can do the following:

$(document).on('ajax:before', selector_to_your_link, function() {
  $(this).data('params', params_that_you_want_to_send);
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Thanks for the tip! This answer highlights the correct, unobtrusive way of solving the problem and should be accepted as the best answer. – michelegera Jan 19 '13 at 11:20
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As a temporary measure I've added a small hack to the jquery.rails.js file:

line 34 changed from:

var data ='form') ? el.serializeArray() : [];


var data ='form') ? el.serializeArray() : eval(el.attr('with'));

However the obtrusive js remains...

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