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Anybody knows any good yahoo oauth library in java?.

Using that library, i should fetch yahoo mails using oauth authentication.

Thanks Aravind S

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2 Answers

I highly recommend scribe. Very simple API and works great.

On a side note, be aware that Yahoo expires their auth token after 60 minutes so you need to refresh it periodically. Alas, Yahoo is the only oauth provider that I am aware of that expires their token and so scribe and signpost and other oauth APIs don't implement a "refresh token" mechanism. From my research, everyone that uses the APIs has implemented their own custom refresh method, myself included. I and others have approached the scribe author about integrating the refresh token feature but he has no interest.

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I've been messing with oauth-signpost recently for interacting with Yahoo YQL...although I haven't found a good 2-legged example.


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I am trying to use github.com/ramiyer/ymailtables which internally uses oauth signpost and httpclient. I am unable to run on app engine because httpclient uses some https url connection class from jdk which is black listed by GAE. I am thinking to change source code of sign-post or httpclient to run in GAE. BTW, Yahoo oauth documentation is very poor. :) –  Aravind S Aug 29 '10 at 6:41
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