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I started playing around with web2py the other day for a new project. I really like the structure and the whole concept which feels like a breath of fresh air after spending a few years with PHP frameworks.

The only thing (currently) that is bothering me is the ticketing system. Each time I make a misstake a page with a link to a ticket is presented. I guess I could live with that if the link worked. It currently points to an admin page with http as protocol instead of https. I've done a bit of reading and the forced https for admin seems to be a security measure, but this makes debugging a pain.

Whats the standard solution here? Alter the error page, allow http for admin och use logs for debugging?

Best regards Fredrik

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I was in the same boat as you, I did not like the default mechanism. Luckily, customized exception handling with web2py is very straightforward. Take a look at routes.py in the root of your web2py directory. I've added the following to mine:

routes_onerror = [('application_name/*','/application_name/error/index')]

This routes any exceptions to my error handler controller (application_name/controllers/error.py) in which I defined my def index as:

def index():
    if request.vars.code == '400':
            traceback="A 400 error was raised, this is controller/method path not found",
    elif request.vars.code == '404':
            traceback="A 404 error was raised, this is bad.",
        fH = file('applications/%s/errors/%s' % (request.application,request.vars.ticket.split("/")[1]))
        e = cPickle.load(fH)

As you can see for non-400 and 404 errors, I'm emailing the traceback to myself and then invoking the corresponding views/error/index.html. In production, this view gives a generic "I'm sorry an error has occurred, developers have been emailed". On my development server, it displays the formatted traceback.

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Thanks for the quick reply Mark, that seems like a good solution! –  Fredrik Aug 18 '10 at 19:52

Normally, I just use (if you are local or over ssh) or edit/navigate using https://...

So, you will logon the admin app the first time, but always will the show the tickets after.

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