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In GAE-python, you can model a one-to-many relationship by assigning a reference property to the child model.

class Book(db.Model):
   title = db.StringProperty()
class Author(db.Model):
   book = db.ReferenceProperty(Book, collection_name = 'authors')
   is_primary = db.BooleanProperty()
   name = db.StringProperty()

This way, I can access the authors property of a book object instance to get a query-able list of all the Author instances that reference it.

What I want to do is supplement the authors property with a method. A trivial example based on the preceding one would be a function that returns just the primary authors sorted in alphabetical. What's the syntax for something like this?

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Your question is very vague. Please explain what do you mean by "collection of entities". Do you mean classes? Is this RPC? Mixin? –  Escualo Aug 17 '10 at 18:57

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What you are looking for is one to many realtionship. There is no db.Referencelist property.I guess this will help you out.

class Book(db.Model):
   title = db.StringProperty()
class Author(db.Model):
   is_primary = db.BooleanProperty()
   name = db.StringProperty()

book = Book(title="what is life")

author1 = Author(parent=book,is_primary=true,name='author1')

author2 = Author(parent=book,is_primary=true,name='author2')

# from book to authors
book_authors = Author.all().ancestor(book)
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