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I have this rewrite rule

RewriteRule (.*)/([^/\.]+).css$ include/style/styleRedir.php?css=$2.css [L,NC]

which matches thing like:


and rewirites them to:


however it won't match:


So I tried changing it to:

RewriteRule (.*)(/?)([^/\.]+).css$ include/style/styleRedir.php?css=$3.css [L,NC]

but then it would rewrite to:


So how could I make this RewriteRule so it can rewrite foo.css to include/style/styleRedir.php?css=foo.css

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I don't have Apache installed to test, but have you tried adding the /? to the first grouping?

RewriteRule (.*/?)([^/\.]+).css$ include/style/styleRedir.php?css=$2.css [L,NC]

Alternately, why not 2 rules?

RewriteRule (.*)/([^/\.]+).css$ include/style/styleRedir.php?css=$2.css [L,NC]
RewriteRule /?([^/\.]+).css$ include/style/styleRedir.php?css=$1.css [L,NC]
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Thank you, solution 2 (2 rules) fixed it. –  Pim Jager Dec 8 '08 at 20:37

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