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Lets say you have a list of items:

<ul id="ImportantNumbers">
   <li id="one"></li>
   <li id="two"></li>
   <li id="topNumber"></li>
   <li id="four"></li>

Every five seconds these list items get reordered.

Using jquery whats the best way to keep #topNumber, at the top of the list during the reordering.

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You can use .prependTo() immediately after the re-order, like this:


You can see it working here, all it's doing is taking the element and inserting it as the first child on the <ul>, effectively moving it to the top.

Alternatively when you sort, use :not() to exclude it depending on how the sorting works, for example:

$("#ImportantNumbers li:not(#topNumber)").randomize();
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Thanks a lot... it helped a lot..... – Mayur Chauhan Jan 7 at 13:37

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