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I'm building a simple short URL service, ala bitly, for our company use. And I would like to use mongodb to store the data, but I will need some kind of simple interface to add/edit short url to long url mappings.

The mongo documents will be very simple, something like this:

  shortUrlSlug: 'pbbs',
  fullUrl: ''

Is there anything out there that exposes a simple "CRUD" admin interface to mongodb, that can be integrated with django, where you can specify the model?
Basically like django admin, but without requiring a SQL database.


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I have confirmed that django-nonrel project does support the admin interface. I did have a problem where the default SITE_ID was picked up as a number, which is not allowed as a primary key in MongoDB. I resolved this by setting:

SITE_ID = '4d421623b0207acdc500001d'

in my

I got the number by printing the id of the first site value in the collection through the shell.

I have not tested this extensively, but did register an admin for a Poll object and see it work.

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This completely works. Just launch the mongo shell, execute "db.django_site.find()" and use the ObjectId value from the result as the value for SITE_ID in your – Mike Reedell Sep 21 '11 at 13:51
If you don't need sites option removing it from installed app does also the job – c24b Feb 16 '14 at 18:35

I have used django-nonrel with mongodb-engine and it works well. Django admin also works with standard model fields. But if you are using listfield and dictfield, you would need to do some hacking.

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I'm not positive, but django-nonrel and the mongodb backend may support the django admin nowadays... it might be worth looking into

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This is an old question but if someone happens to be facing the same problem today, I think his best bet would be It's a django-admin like interface for mongoDB. It knows how to guess/deal with relationships and works pretty much as the Django admin.

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mongodb has many behaviors and django-admin is for relation database like postgresql

you can create django admin with django-nonrel but its not optimize and good. i think its bettwr you create custom admin for your application.

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