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I am having a problem with matching elements in jQuery. Basically I have list items, and onclick I want to compare two elements to find out its position within the list, ie.

<ul id="someID">

// here is the script
var row = 0,
    element = $('#someID > li:eq(1)').get(0);

$('#someID > li').each(function(index, value) {
    if (value == element) {
        row = index;
        return false;

element is in the proper scope and this all should work (or so I think). The only reason I can see that it might not work is that the browser sees each list-item as the same, because its innerHTML is the same and has no id or class.

Is there some other way that I can get the position of a list-item within a list?

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Your code works for me as long as you add the closing parenthesis that you're missing. Try it: –  user113716 Aug 17 '10 at 20:54
Well its a good thing I found out about index(), that nice. But it turns out that that wasn't actually my problem, it was the #someID. This was my code simplified, and I was not getting the correct element to loop through. –  Tom Aug 17 '10 at 20:59

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var index = $('#someID > li').index( element );


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To compare elements try:

value === element

== is coersive comparison.

=== is explicit comparison.

To get position of an element with jQuery, read awnsers from the other people ;)

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For the record, now there is the "is()" function:
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If for some reason $.index() does not work for you...

Any reason you can't add an attribute or class to the object then loop through the list of items to find it?

  .. loop through element to find index

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