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I am writing a Flex application for use on a private intranet with no external Internet access. I want to use Google's 3D Maps Flex API, but it must be connected to the internet to download map tiles on demand.

Is there a way to locally cache the 3D map tiles and data so that I can run this app without an internet connection? And if not, is there a 3D GIS that supports Flex integration and allows for a local map cache?

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Using the maps on non public facing sites is against the rules of all the map providers under their free licence other than Yahoo and openstreetmap.org. Also I think there are some limits to tile caching enforced for several of the providers, mostly which prohibit such activity. openstreetmap.org allows you to cache tiles.

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Please post your source that states Microsoft does not allow Bing Maps to be used on non public facing sites. –  MLowry Apr 25 '12 at 14:04

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