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I have an unordered list of elements organized in rows. When a user clicks on a row, I want the text in the row to be appended into a separate text field. The issue with my current code is that I if the user clicks multiple boxes, all of the associated text with each of those boxes will be appended into the textfield. I would like to append the text from only the last row element that the user clicked.

Here is my javascript:

function clickEvents() {

// Day List Selector
$('#DC_id_1').click(function() {
    $('#whenTextField').attr('value', 'Today');
$('#DC_id_3').click(function() {
    $('#whenTextField').attr('value', 'Tomorrow');
$('#DC_id_5').click(function() {
    $('#whenTextField').attr('value', 'Later');

// Time List Selector

$('#DC_id_37').click(function() {
   var day = $('#whenTextField').attr('value');
   $('#whenTextField').attr('value', day + ', Right Now');
$('#DC_id_39').click(function() {
   var day = $('#whenTextField').attr('value');
   $('#whenTextField').attr('value', day + ', Morning');
$('#DC_id_41').click(function() {
   var day = $('#whenTextField').attr('value');
   $('#whenTextField').attr('value', day + ', Midday');
$('#DC_id_43').click(function() {
   var day = $('#whenTextField').attr('value');
   $('#whenTextField').attr('value', day + ', Afternoon');
$('#DC_id_45').click(function() {
   var day = $('#whenTextField').attr('value');
   $('#whenTextField').attr('value', day + ', Evening');


Basically, I think I want to use an "if" statement to control the clicking in the Time List Selector elements list.


if (DC_id_37 is clicked) { append('text'); } else if (DC_id_39 is clicked) { append('some other text');

Here is the associated HTML:

<ul id="dayList">
   <li id="DC_id_1">
   <li id="DC_id_3">
   <li id="DC_id_5">

 <ul id="timeList">
    <li id="DC_id_37">
       Right Now
    <li id="DC_id_39">
    <li id="DC_id_41">
    <li id="DC_id_43">
    <li id="DC_id_45">

 <textField id="whenTextField">

*Note I just created this HTML by hand, as I'm building the web app in Dashcode, and its putting out some very ugly HTML

Actual HTML created by Dashcode:

 <ul id="timeList"> 
      <div id="foo"></div> 
      <div id="DC_id_37">Right Now</div> 
       <div id="foo2"></div> 
       <div id="DC_id_39"></div> 
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Not really following you, though I'm pretty sure there's an easier way to do what you're trying to do. It would help if you posted the HTML for the rows. – Jacob Mattison Aug 17 '10 at 21:15
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I believe this is what you're looking for:

$('#DC_id_37').click(function() {
   var day = $('#whenTextField').attr('value').split(",")[0];
   $('#whenTextField').attr('value', day + ', Right Now');

The .split(",")[0] will grab the first part of what's in the text box.

You could simplify your code with something like this:

$('#dayList li').click(function() {

$("#timeList li").click(function() {
  var day = $('#whenTextField').attr('value').split(",")[0];

  $('#whenTextField').attr('value', day + ', '+$(this).text());
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Thank you! Much appreciated! Now I need to read up on the documentation on the split method. – Sachin Aug 17 '10 at 21:51
No problem. You can read more about split here: w3schools.com/jsref/jsref_split.asp Essentially it splits the string with the delimiter we specified (in this case a comma). It returns an array. The [0] grabs the first element of that array. – Gert Grenander Aug 17 '10 at 23:31

Instead of simply appending the new value, you need to replace the old value. I would do it this way:

// Based on the HTML you posted, we only need two click functions.
$("#dayList > li > div:eq(1)").click(function() {
    var newDate = $(this).text();

    var currentValues = $("#whenTextField").attr("value").split(", ");

    // Initialize this as an empty string in case the user has not yet selected
    // a time.
    var time = "";

    // Get the previous time, if one has already been appended.
    if (currentValues.length == 2) {
        time = ", " + currentValues[1];

    // Update the value of the text field.
    $("#whenTextField").attr("value", newDate + time);

$("#timeList > li > div:eq(1)").click(function() {
    // Get the current date value.
    var date= $("#whenTextField").attr("value").split(", ")[0];

    // Get the text from the 'li' element that raised the event.
    var time = $(this).text();

    // Update the value of the text field, keeping the previously selected date.
    $("#whenTextField").attr("value", date + ", " + time);

This approach also saves the selected time if a user later changes the selected date.


I updated my example to match the second nested <div /> element under each <li /> using the :eq(n) selector (the selector is zero-based). This solution assumes that the target <div /> elements will always be the second one, based on your comment.

You have a few other options, too:

  • You could use the :parent selector to affect only <divs /> that contain text (or any child elements).

    $("#timeList > li > div:parent").click(function() { });

  • Or, you could use the Attribute Starts With Selector to affect only <div /> elements with IDs that start with "DC_id_".

    $("#timeList > li > div[id^='DC_id_']").click(function() { });

I'm not sure which solution performs the best. Personally, I would recommend going with the third option (the Attribute Starts With selector) since generated IDs are usually more predictable than an element's index or contents.

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Hey, This looks great, however, I'm using Dashcode, and my HTML isn't structured as simply as I outlined in my example. Each <ul> is structured like this: <ul id="timeList"> <li> <div id="foo"></div> <div id="DC_id_37">Right Now</div> <div></div> </li> <li> <div id="foo2"></div> <div id="DC_id_39"></div> <div></div> </li> </ul> How do i modify the $('timeList > li') selector to focus on the second nested <div> in each <li>? – Sachin Aug 17 '10 at 22:51
I added the formatted HTML to the bottom of my original post for easier reading. – Sachin Aug 17 '10 at 22:54
I updated my answer based on your comment, and gave you a few more options based on your updated HTML sample. I hope they help! – Justin Rusbatch Aug 18 '10 at 0:19


html: (adjust to taste, prolly have to do some css)

<div class="appointment">
    <div class="options">
       <ul class="day">
       <ul class="time">
          <li>Right Now</li>
    <input class="when" type="text" />


    var self = $(this)
    , whenField = self.find('.when')
    , day = 'choose a day'
    , time = 'choose a time';

    self.delegate('.options li', 'click', function(e){
        var li = $(this), ul = li.closest('ul');
        if(ul.hasClass('day')) {
            day = li.text();
        } else if(ul.hasClass('time')) {
            time = li.text();
        whenField.val(day + ' - ' + time);

Reusable on a page, so you can have more appointment boxes on a page. I personally avoid using element ID's like the plague, better abstract it and shorten code substantially if you generalize.

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