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I am using the following code for popping up a registration form.


I created a registration form inside the popup box and when i submit it i am redirected to a new page. I am no longer inside the popup. Please let me know how to avoid going out of the popup box.

I am using php for validation. My file name is register.php. I included this file in popupbox. The code inside register.php has this format.


// code for validating fields submited in form


<form action="register.php">
/// fields
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The code inside register.php has following format <?php /// code for validating fields submitted in form ?> <html> <form action="register.php"> </form> </html> –  sudh Aug 17 '10 at 21:21

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You need to post the form using ajax and then update the html in the popup using data in the result.

Have a look at jQuery.post e.g.

// send form testForm using ajax and update popup content
$.post("test.php", $("#testform").serialize(), function(data){

There are also a couple of plugins you can use that will simplify things, take a look at this example for a demo.

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