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I am working in classic ASP; using getRows to get multidimension array of rows and column.

while iterating a row; I want to pass that single row into another function to build the column layout.

with C# I can do this:

obj[][] multiDimArray = FunctionCall_To_InitializeArray_4X16();

for (int rowId = 0 ; rowId < 4 ; rowId++)
//this function only accept single dimension array

How can I do this is asp classic/vbscript:

1. I have a function that accept single dimension array as parameter.
2. Call that function and pass 1 part of 2 dimension array.

Thank you

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2 Answers

I think you will need to populate a new array or dictionary object with the single dimension you want to process.

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here a piece from working code, should get you going..

aResults = oRst.Getrows
Set oRst = Nothing
Call SubCloseDatabaseOracle
iRows = UBound(aResults, 2)
iCols = UBound(aResults, 1)
row = 1 'first row
line = ""
separator = ""
FOR col = 0 TO iCols
  line = line & separator & cStr(aResults(col,row))
  separator = ";"
aSingleDimensionArray = split(line,";")
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