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i was wondering how can i add a view on ios Keyboard ? like this :

alt text

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you will want to look into the inputAccessoryView property in the UITextView or UITextField class (depending on what you are using) for a custom view above the keyboard.

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thanks a lot ... what can i do if i want just show AccessoryView ? – Momi Aug 17 '10 at 22:16

If you want to only show the accessory view by itself then subclass your UIResponder view that presents the keyboard and redeclare inputView as read/write and return your accessory view in that method.


@property (atomic, retain) UIView *inputView


- (UIView *)inputView { return accessoryView; }

- (void)setInputView:(UIView *)aView { 
    if (accessoryView != aView) {
        [accessoryView release];
        accessoryView = [aView retain];

More information on redeclaring and adding both inputView and inputAccessoryView for any UIResponder subclass in the official Apple documentation:

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