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I am trying to tap into the stackoverflow community to aid my fogged memory. A while ago I have read a research paper regarding multithreading v.s. event-base programming paradigm. The thesis is to challenge the current belief that multithreading has a natural limit on the number of threads a system is able to support. It asserts such limit is an implementation issue. By examining and removing the constraints from the implementation, it is able to scale the number of threads to a much higher number. Finally it assert that the multithreading paradigm and the event based programming paradigm is equivalent (with respect to something). I think the paper is published within last few years.

I've lost the link to that document and I wonder if someone can help me to recover it. The description from my reconstructed memory may contain errors of course.

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Is this it: Why Events Are a Bad Idea (for High-Concurrency Servers) by Rob von Behren, Jeremy Condit & Eric Brewer?

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That's it. Thank you! This community never disappoint! –  Wai Yip Tung Aug 18 '10 at 6:12

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