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Does anyone have some suggestions on how to set up UltraEdit-32 (I'm using version 8.10a) for use as a Java editor?

Specifically, I'd like to have the ability to auto-format source code based on a coding style that can be configured.

For example, if I place an open brace at the end of a method definition (same line) and hit return, I'd like the editor to indent to the next line 4 spaces.

If UltraEdit isn't a good tool for this, can someone suggest a better editor?

Thank you.

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Netbeans or Eclipse are good ones. UltraEdit , TextPad or EditPlus are good too, but not so well equipped with respect to automatic suggestions and formatting as you mentioned.

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UltraEdit is not a good choice if you plan on doing any serious development work. Consider using Eclipse, which is open source.


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