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I have a stored procedure that needs to convert hexadecimal numbers to their decimal equivalent. I've read the documentation for the UNHEX() function, but it is returning a binary value. What I'm wanting to do is something like this:

    DECLARE dec_val INTEGER;

    SET dec_val = UNHEX( hex_val );

    -- Do something with the decimal value
    select dec_val;

What am I missing? How can I convert the UNHEX()'d value to a unsigned integer?

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You can use the CONV() function to convert between bases.

SET dec_val = CONV(hex_val, 16, 10);
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conv(hex_val, 16, 10)

Will convert a number of base 16 to base 10. The UNHEX function does something completely different, it converts pairs of hex digits to characters.

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thanks for clearing up what "unhex" does. – eli Jun 10 '11 at 0:26

cast(conv(hex_val, 16, 10) as unsigned integer) that should be solve the problem....

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