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In most defect trackers there is a comment history associated with a ticket/incident/issue/work item.

I wish to get this same information from TFS via the SDK for a work item - ideally:

  • Who created the comment.
  • The text of the comment.
  • Who last updated/edited the comment (if that's event possible in TFS?)

I have determined that a WorkItem has a collection of revisions availabe via the "Revisions" property, and that you can loop through each revision - but a revision does not have a "History" property where I assume I could find the comment created by the user. Also I don't believe it's compulsory to record a comment with each change - so I suspect I will need to ignore revisions that don't have any history property information?

Revisions Property on MSDN

Any thoughts on the best way to fetch this "comment history" information for a work item in TFS - is the revisions list the correct way, or should I be using some other part of the API?

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In order to fetch the comment history you need to access the "History" property on the Work Item revision.

WorkItem.History Property

Obviously the current (latest) version of the work item will have this field as empty, but historical revision comments will be there.

TFS: Getting workitem history from the api

The "History" displayed on a work item in Team Explorer is built by looping through the Revissions and displaying both the fields that were changed and the text in the "History" property

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Darn it Martin, you're beating me to the punch answering these questions! +1 to you! –  Robaticus Aug 18 '10 at 13:22

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