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I have a Wix installed which creates a virtual directory in IIS via the following:

  <Component Id="VirtualDirectory" Guid="29BEECCC-AA5F-11DF-BBB1-9C0AE0D72085">
    <iis:WebVirtualDir Id="MyVDir" Directory="INSTALLLOCATION" Alias="MyVDir" WebSite="DefaultWebSite">
      <iis:WebApplication Id="MyApplication" Name="MyVDir" />
    <CreateFolder />
<iis:WebSite Id="DefaultWebSite" Description="Default Web Site">
  <iis:WebAddress Id="AllUnassigned" Port="80" />

However this fails if the bindings for port 80 have been removed for that web site.

The <iis:WebAddress /> element and Port attributes are both mandatory, however completely superfluous in this case - I don't care what the Port of the web site is, as long as it creates my virtual directory!

Is there any way of getting the above installer to successfully create a virtual directory without prompting the user for a port number?

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Why do you think that port doesn't matter if you creates a virtual directory??! Virtual directory - where? On a site. What site? On port xyz –  abatishchev Aug 18 '10 at 12:07
@abatishchev - Why would it matter? Once I've identified that I want to create the virtual directory on site with description "XYZ", can either specify a port that exists for that site, in which case it works (and creates the virtual directory "for all ports"), or I specify one that doesn't exist, and it doesn't work - its essentially a very complicated "Fail while installing" boolean flag. –  Justin Aug 19 '10 at 1:43

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All virtual directories are rooted in a web site. The WebSite element can be used to create a web site if WebSite element is under Component element or used to find a web site if not. The VirtualDir element must refer to a WebSite element somehow. That's the design of IIS thus the WiX models this way.

Note: One might argue that WebSite element not under a Component element should have been named "WebSiteSearch" or something.

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I get that the VirtualDir element must refer to a WebSite element somehow, however why does the WebSite element need to explicitly specify a port even when using an existing site? –  Justin Aug 19 '10 at 1:44
I have a number of sites on my IIS7 and most of them has virtual dirs and I didn't saw any mentions between root site and others –  abatishchev Aug 19 '10 at 6:12
WebSite element has slowly morphed over time to allow different ways of finding the web site you want. Originally, the thinking is that the only guaranteed unique value for a web site was its port. Later we added the ability to find the web site by id and by description. Take a look at the documentation. The element is a bit more complex than it should be at this point because our understanding of IIS morphed over time... and IIS changed guidance from IIS5 to IIS6 to IIS7. –  Rob Mensching Aug 19 '10 at 19:57
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I've found that as long as the SiteId attribute is provided the port is in fact ignored. The solution to my problem was to therefore change my WebSite element to be:

<iis:WebSite Id="DefaultWebSite" Description="Default Web Site" SiteId="*">
  <iis:WebAddress Id="AllUnassigned" Port="1" />

Note that the Port attribute is still required (and cannot be 0), however is ignored even if the SiteId attribute is * (meaning that the description is used to identify the site).

See WebSite Element (WiX documentation) for more information.

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didn't work for me. Installer updated the bindings with http and port 1 –  galets Jul 16 '14 at 17:43
UPDATE: I got it!!! The iis:WebSite must NOT be under component if you don't want to create site, per wixtoolset.org/documentation/manual/v3/xsd/iis/website.html : Nesting WebSite under Product, Fragment, or Module results in a web site "locator" record being created in the IIsWebSite table. This means that the web site itself is neither installed nor uninstalled by the MSI package –  galets Jul 16 '14 at 17:54

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