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I'm looking for a local database for Moonlight. I checked EffiProz Silverlight database and it seems to work fine with moonlight Any other databases that work well with Moonlight?

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This moonlight? Also, why exactly do you need a database? –  Moeb Aug 18 '10 at 5:46

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Any database that work with Silverlight should work with Moonlight, if not it's a bug and should be reported to the Moonlight developers and it'll get fixed.

However testing that it actually works with Moonlight before deciding which one to choose is of course a good thing, Moonlight does of course have (as all software) bugs.

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C# SQLite is always an option... This fully-managed implementation (port) of SQLite is specifically meant to get around the need to P/Invoke native code and so is a perfect SQLite alternative for apps that require a fully managed database (such as Silverlight apps).

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The link above is a link to a fully managed implementation of SQLite. It's not a binding to the C implementation, so it can be used in Silverlight apps. –  jstedfast May 27 '11 at 10:48

It's hard to answer with so few details but you can check Firebird

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