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My website allows uploading of images. I limit images to 10 megapixel or less JPEG images, all images get stored in a directory. Now I want the images resized on the fly and I am looking for a PHP class/library that can do that for me. While I can write (and I have written) gd-library code for resizing images I want something that's stable tested and more importantly provides some kind of caching. I intend to use the script like this:


Any suggestions (do mention pros/cons).

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Try using phpThumb to do that.

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There's WideImage, which is pretty good. Caching is AFAIK not built in, but that should be trivial to put on top...

if (!file_exists($filename . '_thumb.jpg')) {
    // Load original, resize, save to $filename_thumb.jpg

// serve $filename_thumb.jpg
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Includes caching, probably will do what you're looking for.

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good example, very obscured –  Salman A Aug 18 '10 at 6:55

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