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Well there are so many image gallery plugins for jQuery, I need one that can show the images in three sizes. A basic image gallery plugin usually displays all thumbnails and one large image. Clicking on the thumbnail brings the larger version of the chosen image into view. I want something after this stage: clicking the larger image should open-up an even larger version of the image -- in a modal overlay or something, ideally with prev/next buttons. I think this option is available in some existing plugin but I just cannot seem to find it.

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You could use a plugin like Galleriffic or Galleria to set up the first 2 levels... thumbnail and larger image... and you could override the functionality of clicking the image to make it display larger instead of going to the next image.

For a nice pop-up effect to enlarge the picture when clicking on it, you could use take a look at this plugin.

Just look at the source code and switch some things around. I'm sure with a little bit of playing around, you can achieve the functionality you're looking for. If not, post back and someone will be able to come up with a better answer.

I hope this helps.

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