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I need to convert a PHP array to json but I don't get what I expect. I want it to be an object that i can navigate easily with numeric index. Here's an example code:

$json = array();
$ip = "";
$port = "2016";
array_push($json, ["ip" => $ip, "port" => $port]);
$json = json_encode($json, JSON_PRETTY_PRINT);
// ----- json_decode($json)["ip"] should be "" ----
echo $json;

This is what I get

      "ip" => "",
      "port" => "2016"

But I want to get an object instead of array:

   "0": {  
      "ip": "",
      "port": "2016"

Thank you :)

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Why do you want the outer array to become a JSON object? If it's only got numeric keys, an array delivers the same information in slightly less space and is easier to work with on the JS side of things (you can use Array::forEach and Array::map for example). – 00Davo Jan 30 at 12:14
@00Davo Thanks, because I thought it was easier to handle it when it's an object hhh, and I use it mostly on server-side (PHP) only :) P.S. Upvoted – Hassan Ila Jan 30 at 13:09
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You want to json_encode($json, JSON_FORCE_OBJECT).

The JSON_FORCE_OBJECT flag, as the name implies, forces the json output to be an object, even when it otherwise would normally be represented as an array.

You can also eliminate the use of array_push for some slightly cleaner code:

$json[] = ['ip' => $ip, 'port' => $port];
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Thanks but this is what I get: { "0": { "0": "ip =>", "1": "port => 2016" } } – Hassan Ila Jan 30 at 8:42
Your strings are not quite on the right place in your array_push. Try array_push($json, ["ip" => $ip, "port" => $port]); – jbafford Jan 30 at 8:44

just use only

$response["0"]=array("ip"     => "",
                     "port"   => "2016");
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Thank you, haven't tested it but @jbafford was faster :), upvoted btw – Hassan Ila Jan 30 at 8:48

To get array with objects you can create stdClass() instead of array for inner items like below;


    $json = array();
    $itemObject = new stdClass();
    $itemObject->ip = "";
    $itemObject->port = 2016;

    array_push($json, $itemObject);
    $json = json_encode($json, JSON_PRETTY_PRINT);
    echo $json;


A working example

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