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I want to create an array with a message.

$myArray = array('my message');

But using this code, myArray will get overwritten if it already existed.

If I use array_push, it has to already exist.

$myArray = array(); // <-- has to be declared first.
array_push($myArray, 'my message');

Otherwise, it will bink.

Is there a way to make the second example above work, without first clearing $myArray = array();?

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Check if the array exists first, and if it doesn't, create it...then add the element, knowing that the array will surely be defined before hand :

if (!isset($myArray)) {
    $myArray = array();

array_push($myArray, 'my message');
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snap ... except the new bit, which I don't think works in php – benlumley Dec 8 '08 at 21:49
heh yea...that's what happens when you have one too many languages roaming in your head :-) – Andreas Grech Dec 8 '08 at 21:51


$myArray[] = 'my message';

$myArray have to be an array or not set. If it holds a value which is a string, integer or object that doesn't implement arrayaccess, it will fail.

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It's weird, but it's true. PHP won't trigger any error/warning/notice on that. – troelskn Dec 8 '08 at 21:46
Its a feature. :) – OIS Dec 8 '08 at 21:48 incredibly useful feature (for me at least) – da5id Dec 8 '08 at 21:50

You should use is_array(), not isset. Usefull if myArray is being set from a function that returns an array or a string (-1 on error for example)

This will prevent errors if myArray is declared as a not an array somewhere else.

   array_push($myArray,'my message');
   $myArray = array("my message");
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You correctly mention is_array, but use non-existent function array_exists. – OIS Dec 8 '08 at 22:00
Doh! TCL was getting in the way :P – Byron Whitlock Dec 8 '08 at 22:20
if ($myArray) {
  array_push($myArray, 'my message');
else {
  $myArray = array('my message');
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You should test if a var holds an array with isset and is_array. – OIS Dec 8 '08 at 21:51
Why and? is_array() should be enough. It can hardly be an array if it is not set. – Tomalak Dec 8 '08 at 22:07
Yes, my bad wording. I meant either. Should have used or. – OIS Dec 8 '08 at 22:10

OIS' way will work.


if (!isset($myArray)) 
array_push($myArray, 'message');
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