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I have a dependency which is scoped as "system".

I'd like to know if there's a way to define the attached source and javadoc for the dependency. This seems like something that should've been taken care of, but I can't seem to fine any documentation on it or why it was neglected.

I am specifically looking for the configuration solution, not installing it to my local repo, or deploying it to a common repo. For the sake of this discussion, those options are out.

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Do you mean attach sources using m2eclipse?

If so, you just need to ensure the sources jar is in the same directory. I tried this by copying commons-io-1.4.jar to some other directory and setting the system path, if commons-io-1.4-sources.jar is in the same directory, m2eclipse finds and attaches the sources.


And the source jar is


I guess it'll work the same for javadoc, not tried it though.

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Interesting, and I guess this would be the same for the maven eclipse plugin. I don't have an opportunity to try this right now, but I will. – Spencer Kormos Aug 11 '09 at 19:09

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