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I am trying to handling datafrom's internal Add/Delete/Edit command form button control outside datafrom. I am using MVVMLight so. For example : To have Delete in delete button EventToCommand i Bind Command="{Binding DeleteCurrentItemInDataform, Mode=TwoWay}" CommandParameter="{Binding CurrentItem, ElementName=Dataform1}"

In ViewModel code:

   DeleteCurrentItemInDataform=new RelayCommand<DataForm>(e=>{ e.DeletingItem+=new EventHandler<CancelEventArgs>(DeletingCurrentItem); });

private void DeletingCurrentItem(object sender, CancelEventArgs e){ 
Cash cd = sender as Cash;
_DataContext.SubmitChanges((op) => {  if (op.HasError)  {MssageBox.Show(op.Error.Message); } else{ MessageBox.Show(cd.CashName + " is deleted."); }    }, null); }

private RelayCommand<DataForm> _deleteCurrentItemInDataform;
    public RelayCommand<DataForm> DeleteCurrentItemInDataform
        get { return _deleteCurrentItemInDataform; }
            if (_deleteCurrentItemInDataform != value)
                _deleteCurrentItemInDataform = value;


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I found it is quite simple while using code behind: for example for edit, just need to do > Datafrom1.BeginEdit();

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